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Here's Eden Hazard being awesome off the pitch

Even if you're not a Belgium fan, you may find yourself enjoying their YouTube channel. They're a bit like Manchester City in that regard, though the Red Devils' videos are shorter and more whimsical. Case in point: Hazard's last two clips where he rewards fans who send messages and fan mail.

In the one above, Hazard sends a signed shirt to 79-year-old Mémé Francine, who's apparently not averse to drinking lots of beer in order to collect all the commemorative glasses. Dedication, indeed.

In the one from a few days ago, Hazard sends a signed Panini sticker to a young fan back home to help complete her collection. Though it looks like she still has a fair ways to go. Then again, with a signed Hazard sticker in the album already, you may as well call it good. It's not going to get much better.

And that's Eden Hazard being awesome off the pitch. Now back to becoming consistently awesome on it as well.

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