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Mourinho: 'We want to finish first'

I... I believe... I believe that... I believe that we will win!

Ben Radford

When Mourinho came back last summer, the emphasis was on rebuilding and laying a foundation for the next decade.  Now, at the start of the second year of his four-year contract -- and let's appreciate for a moment the fact that we're starting the new season with the same manager as with whom we started the last season for the first time since 2010 -- much of Mourinho's aims remain the same.

"I enjoy this club, I like the club, and I like the league. I love the way people live football in this country. I was a little part of the process that made Chelsea a force in the last decade, and I come back with the dream to try to be a little part again of the next decade."

"After 10 years of titles and great moments, this is a moment to rebuild again, because teams don't last for ever. Clubs yes, but not the teams. In the same club you have to build another team."

"That's what we are doing, and for sure the results will come."

But there is one key and very specific difference (emphasis mine).

"In this moment I have to think and feel and say we want to finish first."

Of course the job won't be easy.

"Next season will be very, very difficult, even more so. I know Chelsea will be better, but maybe the other teams will be better too, so it will again be the kind of league where you don't know if you're going to finish first or finish sixth."

Fortunately for us, we have Eden Hazard.

"Obviously the fans enjoy and respect people like Gary Cahill, Cesar Azpilicueta, John Terry - people that are so stable during the season and do an incredible job for the team - but people like Eden bring the magic and win matches in one action. They have the flair and the artist's touch of the football."

"At the same time, he was not just that. He had a big evolution and he scored more goals than before. His work-rate for the team improved a lot too, so for a player like him he deserved it and the fact he was recognised by the fans gives him for sure more appetite for the next season to be even better."

All these Mourinho quotes are from an interview on the just released 2013-14 Season Review DVD.  Anybody got their hands on it yet?

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