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Toni Kroos rumors rekindled, but don't get too excited

Alexander Hassenstein

Maybe it's the lack of any substantive transfer rumors as of late -- Fabregas is done; Diego Costa is taking a timeout; nobody cares about Filipe Luis or Tiago; Pogba and Cavani remain pipedreams -- but the Toni Kroos rumors are picking up steam once again.  Didn't we put these to bed back in January?

As with all the most trustworthy rumors, this quote-less one has done the rounds around Europe.  It started in Spain with AS, got picked up by the likes of the Daily Star and Metro, and now it's filtering into even higher circles.  Our friend Dan Levene ran with the story this morning, and I'm sure the Guardian and the Telegraph won't be far behind either.  And so here we are.

Basically, having still not signed a contract extension, Toni Kroos is a wanted man.  Since he's busy with this little fitness exercise in the jungle thing called the World Cup, he hasn't really bothered to issue any statements about it, so the rumor mill has been free to run wild.  At last count, there were five suitors, but that may be just scratching the surface especially if the 24-year-old midfielder's price does in fact turn out to be anywhere in the £15m-£25m range.

So, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona. Chelsea. Juventus. Anyone else you want to toss on the transfer rumor bonfire? PSG? Liverpool? Guangzhou Evergrande? I'm amazed that Manchester City hasn't swung by yet.

While Bayern Munich have made it abundantly clear they expect Toni Kroos to play out his current contract, and Toni Kroos has really shown no hesitance at being willing to do so, it's not even July 1st yet. [...] Comparisons have been made to the Michael Ballack to Chelsea scenario, but there's very little similarity in the surrounding circumstances considering the almost egregious depth Bayern Munich have in midfield.

-source: Bavarian Football Works

Sources in Germany claimed that Barcelona submitted a bid a couple days ago, while these latest Spanish rumblings have Chelsea entering the bidding war with a £6.5 yearly salary offer (£125,000/week).  And while that's not entirely outrageous for a man as skilled as the German Oscar, there is just one problem.  Kroos was already surplus to requirements in January and since then we've signed an older but very similar (though also inferior) player in Cesc Fabregas.  Buying Kroos now would just be downright silly.

Then again, it is silly season.

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