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Obvious: Liverpool not looking to sign Victor Moses; not-so-obvious: five other teams are

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Clive Rose

Captain Obvious took a break from making commercials and stopped by WAGNH Towers earlier today.  Why?  You shouldn't have to ask why.  Obviously, he brought obvious tidings of obviousness with him -- that's why they call him the Captain! -- regarding Victor Moses.

Liverpool is unlikely to make a permanent move for Nigerian international Victor Moses following his loan spell at Anfield last season, according to Sky Sports.

-source: Daily Independent

I actually can't find this anywhere on Sky Sports, but even if the Nigerian source made it up, it's a fairly obvious outcome of a highly unimpressive season on loan that culminated in a hilarious, title-losing miss against Crystal Palace.  Thanks, Agent Moses!

So, what's next for the 23-year-old winger?  It seems unlikely that he has much of a future at Chelsea, though it's equally unlikely -- despite a fairly successful time of it in the Europa League a couple seasons ago -- that he'd command much more than the original £8-9m transfer fee we paid for him.  So perhaps another loan?  He does have three more years left on his contract.

The Nigerian is said to be a top target for the Baggies but Swansea, Southampton, Everton and Newcastle are also reported to be interested.

-source: The Sun via Mirror

All five of those teams seem to be right at Moses's mid-table level.  And maybe he could still surprise us and return to the promise he once showed.