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Well this doesn't bode well: Fabregas involved in apparent bust-up with Del Bosque

David Ramos

Somehow, this story and video doesn't come across as lovable and adorable as Marko Marin riding his bicycle.

Apparently what we're seeing, according to multiple reports, is part of a bust-up (Marca call it a "tiff" and a "dispute") between Cesc Fabregas and Vicente Del Bosque during open training (thus the video and all the reports).  There's certainly plenty of confusion, poor body language, and sour expressions amongst the players.  And then Fabregas saddles up his bicycle and rides off into the sunset like the badass that he is.

Now, on the one hand, the fact that Fabregas seems to care about being dropped from the starter's squad (i.e. the pink bibs) is a good thing.  But the fact that he apparently had to be restrained by another player and then rode off while training was still ongoing, is not.  Nor are the reports that Del Bosque has not been happy with the player's effort, intensity, and attitude during the training.  Sure, they're already out of the World Cup after two woeful performances, but this is why they're professionals and not just kids off the street.  One thing's for sure, he better cut out any poor attitude before Mourinho goes medieval on his ass.

Fellow teammate Raul Albiol did try to do some damage control afterwards:

"I haven't seen anything strange.  I guess it is just frustration from the team that we have been eliminated, nothing more.  Obviously we were all desperate to qualify, Cesc as well, but I haven't seen anything strange with regards to Cesc."

-Raul Albiol; source: FourFourTwo

While many may be excited at the prospect of Cesc Fabregas turning out in Chelsea Blue, the overall reaction has been far from universal acceptance.  This, I feel, isn't going to help make things any better.

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