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Paul Pogba plays Football Manager as Chelsea, signs himself

Ian Walton

It won't come as any surprise to long-time readers of this website that we're all big fans of Juventus and France midfielder Paul Pogba, who's widely regarded as the best young central midfielder in the world. What might come as more of a surprise is that he's apparently a fan of us:

Yes, barring an exceptionally weird Photoshop, that is indeed Paul Pogba playing football manager on the plane. As Chelsea. And using Paul Pogba in central midfield against Arsenal, which is just downright mean if you ask me. This, of course, means nothing transfer-rumours wide, but it's funny enough to cheer me up -- and it brings to mind parallels with Kurt Zouma, who says he was busy buying himself with Chelsea on his FIFA game before Jose Mourinho gave him the call last January.

Also, Pogba: If you're hoping to play alongside Frank Lampard and Juan Mata in real life, I have some bad news. Are Oscar, Eden Hazard and Nemanja Matic enough to tempt you still?

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