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Ramires to Real Madrid rumor remains a thing despite Chelsea denials


This one's been simmering along for a while.  We've mostly ignored it due to its utter ridiculousness - and repeated denials from Jose Mourinho - but Ramires to Real Madrid remains a transfer rumor worth bringing up and talking about, especially in the Spanish press.  Here's Marca's latest.

"Of all the central midfielders the Real Madrid coaching staff are considering, Ramires is top of Ancelotti's list. Despite the fact that Mourinho has made it clear the Brazilian midfielder isn't for sale, the Italian coach has asked his club to do what they can."

"As a result, Real Madrid are following the player closely in the world cup. [...] Ancelotti believes Ramires, or a similar player, is vital to strengthen the midfield at Real."

-source:  Marca

Of course then Marca go on to claim that Marco Verratti is one of those "similar" players, which adds a bit of extra hilarity to their article.  Considering how Verratti's greatest strength is Ramires's greatest weakness, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more dissimilar option with which Ancelotti could strengthen his midfield.

A much better buy for the ex-Chelsea manager would be Juventus's Arturo Vidal, who cast doubt on his future at Juventus recently, but is apparently not quite at the "top" of the list.  So that works out perfectly then:  we let Ramires go and get Vidal instead.


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