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Jose Mourinho, UN ambassador, donates a year's worth of food to a school in Cote d'Ivoire

The Chelsea manager takes a break from his World Cup video blogging activities to visit the Ivory Coast and plant a seed of hope for a region suffering from a food crisis.

At the time of this writing, ITV News reporter Rags Martel's video has 81 views. Not 81-hundred, not 81-thousand. Eighty one. Let's add a few more to that, shall we?

Sure, this is not strictly football related, though Mourinho does call on football in general and the English FA specifically to do more to help those in need -- for example, making sure that managers' fines get donated to charities instead of disappearing into unmarked coffers -- but I think it's important to try to highlight whenever Chelsea players or staff do something wonderful outside of our little football-cocoon as well.* And obviously the reason the United Nations asked Jose to be an ambassador for their World Food Programme is because of his high profile as the highest paid manager at one of the biggest clubs in football.

* Recent efforts that come to mind are Ivanovic and Matic helping in Serbia after flooding and David Luiz becoming involved in UNICEF.

This is second charitable engagement for Mourinho in the last couple weeks. And this time, he didn't even trip anyone! Well done, Jose!

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