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PSG have finally figured out that Eden Hazard is not for sale

Mike Hewitt

About a month ago, PSG manager Laurent Blanc claimed that Eden Hazard was his highest priority, his 'plan A' for this summer.  Turns out that not only was he lying, he is also a slow learner.

"A lot of players are going to be mentioned, but we have already got our priority, David Luiz. We're going to wait a bit before making any more signings. Be patient."

-Laurent Blanc; source: ESPN

Wait, what happened to the other plan A?

"We're going to bring in some players, one or two, of great quality. Hazard is a top player, but I think Chelsea want to keep him."

-Laurent Blanc; source: ESPN

Gee, ya think?  Was it all of Jose Mourinho's denials, or all of Eden Hazard's denials, or perhaps his contract extension talks that finally brought reality home?

Either way, we can put this rumor to bed for a good while few days at least, or precisely until the next hopelessly hopeful French journalist decides to bother somebody about it.  Don't you guys have a World Cup to cover or something?

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