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The Daily Hilario: World Cup, Day 8

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Stevie G prays to the football (or the porcelain) gods
Stevie G prays to the football (or the porcelain) gods
Richard Heathcote

Hard to believe that the World Cup is only a week old.  It feels like so much has happened!  Maybe it's all the goals?  Or maybe it's all the LOLs from Spain?  Either way, BEST WORLD CUP EVER!

And just wait until England get put to the sword by Cavani and Suarez!

In other news...

Spain, Xavi, and the end of a dynasty | SB Nation
Graham's words.  Read them.  NAOW!

It's a party in Santiago, Chile | Deadspin
Move over Belgium, there's a new dark horse in town!

The best players of the first week of the World Cup | SB Nation
There's a sentence in there that begins with "It owed a lot to Torres' own ongoing struggles with the agonies of human existence..."  You should read it just because of that.

Here's the new Kindle Fire Phone or whatever it's called | The Verge
Worry about delivering my bag of charcoal in time for the weekend instead, Amazon.

GoT episodes matched with book & chapter | io9
One of the few criticisms of the show is pacing, which is something they've inherited from the books.  Here's how far they've had to jumble some of the storylines just to get to this point.  Minor spoilers, I suppose, if you haven't read all the books.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
17.00:  World Cup, Group C:  Colombia vs. Ivory Coast
20.00:  World Cup, Group D:  Uruguay vs. England
23.00:  World Cup, Group C:  Japan vs. Greece

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