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Thibaut Courtois drops latest hint about his Chelsea future

David Ramos

Over the weekend, in the big interview that Jose Mourinho gave to Marca, the Chelsea boss claimed that there is "no story" regarding Thibaut Courtois and that Belgium's number one goalkeeper will go "directly to Stamford Bridge" following the World Cup.  Presumably to wear the Chelsea shirt next season and not just have a cup of coffee with Hilário.

Not that we have any big reason to distrust Jose's words, he's been known to... let's say, bend the facts... to suit his purposes.  Rule number one: the Doctor lies.  Though in this case, he may just be telling the truth.

That's once again Spanish radio station COPE with the scoop.  Unsurprising, I suppose, since most of our transfer dealings this summer so far have been with players based in Spain.

So Courtois says he has enormous respect for the Atlético fans and it's a pity (or shame) that he did not get to properly say goodbye to them.  And he probably doesn't mean just goodbye for the summer, but goodbye forever.

Welcome to the Bridge, for reals this time, Thibaut!

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