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Cesc Fabregas claims Barcelona didn't want to sell

This has not been the most drama-free transfer ever, that's for sure.

David Ramos

Here comes Cesc Fabregas with the trusty ol' "You can't fire me, I quit!" move.

"There was a certain point when I took the decision and spoke to Zubi (Andoni Zubizarreta, director of football) and the president (Josep Maria Bartomeu) and asked them to help me make the best decision."

"There were many, many factors [for leaving]. My numbers weren't bad, but it's true that in big games I didn't manage to find those goals or assists."

"But I leave satisfied. I have played with my friends and experienced incredible moments in the Nou Camp and outside. For me it was a great period. But it's over and I wanted to find something new. I left, I asked to leave."

-Cesc Fabregas; source: FIFA

Some sources are also reporting an extra sentence about the president trying to actively stop the transfer, but as far as I can tell, he does not say that in the original interview. (See comment by 'Rhonos' below.)

There's been plenty of bad blood between player and club since the transfer, with a rather bitter and unprofessional farewell statement posted on the club's official website (since changed) and rumors of Barcelona reneging on a £4m payment that they supposedly owe to Fabregas from the Arsenal transfer dealings.  All of that jives with the general narrative that Fabregas had become persona non grata in the eyes of both the Barcelona leadership and the fans following three seasons of perhaps not quite living up to expectations.

While Fabregas does recognize that he could've done more, he's confident that he will be happy and successful at Chelsea.  Let's hope he's right.

"If I didn't think that I'd be happy at Chelsea, I would've never made this decision. Above all, I want to be happy both professionally and personally."

"Chelsea have great players - young and talented - and building a great team with new signings. I have no doubt I'll be happy, I lived in London for eight years, I have friends and family there."

-Cesc Fabregas; source: Evening Standard

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