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Contrary to criticism, Lukaku claims he loves and embraces pressure

He certainly talks the talk...

The Kraken King
The Kraken King
Jan Kruger

Last summer, in an episode of Kevin and Romelu audition for 21 Jump Street, we learned that Lukaku is a self-confessed monologuing loudmouth.  His media interviews since that day have done nothing to disprove that notion.

"I love the pressure, I am crazy about it!"

"If you can't play under pressure you shouldn't be at a World Cup. I'm used to playing under pressure; in the Premier League there are big players and big teams - we are used to it."

"We have been together as a group since 2010 and our coach (Marc Wilmots) has given us lots of advice from day one. We won't feel the pressure."

-Romelu Lukaku; source: Goal

Wait, so you won't feel the pressure that you love and are crazy about?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing then?  I'm so confused!

In any case, since one of the criticisms slung at Romelu "complete striker" Lukaku after his recent comments Re Diego Costa was that he's seemingly once again taking the "easy" way out instead of embracing and beating out the competition at Chelsea -- competition that he will likely always have, if he ever actually ends up in the Chelsea squad (one of these days it has to happen, right?) -- these latest quotes seem to indicate that perhaps that criticism is somewhat misguided.

Or maybe not.  Who knows.  That was quite a run-on sentence.  Sorry dudes, I couldn't handle the pressure of unbiased wording!

Still, in an ideal world, somehow Lukaku ends up as a Chelsea legend and one of the all-time greats of football.  In the real world...

"I'm not thinking about myself at the moment. I'm only thinking about Belgium. We have waited 12 years to be at a World Cup and I am only thinking about representing the team in the best manner possible."

"If we all do well, then it will be a benefit to all of us [in terms of possible transfers], but at the moment I am not thinking about my future. Not until after the World Cup."

-Romelu Lukaku; source: Goal

...the real world will have to wait until after the World Cup.  Perhaps he'll even walk the walk at that point.

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