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Drogba return might have to wait a couple more years

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Jeff Curry

My opinion on the trustworthiness of Turkish sources having been soured by the whole fake Mikel interview, I'm approaching these with the ultimate of caution and skepticism.   But according something called 'HBB Haber, Didier Drogba has agreed to a two-year deal with Italian champions Juventus.

Juventus strike a deal for the Ivorian striker [...] the Old Lady have settled on a two-year contract for the 36-year-old.

-source: Express via Tuttosport via HBB Haber

Didier will always be welcome back at Chelsea, so there's certainly no hurry in a reunion, be that in a playing, coaching, or grass-cutting capacity.

The Drogba-Juventus link isn't new and there had been rumblings not too long ago that they were indeed looking to hash out a two-year deal.  Apparently any differences regarding wages have been worked out now, and that to the tune of €4,5m/year, which is a decent chunk of change for any veteran striker.  In fact, that number, combined with the two-year length of contract really are putting the legitimacy of this report in doubt for me.

Then again, if Juve just happen to overcommit resources in one direction, I'm sure we can lighten their load and take a certain Paul Pogba off their books.

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