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A statue for Lampard?

Clive Rose

We already spoke about the injuries, so I won't make you watch the whole question-and-response think, but at the end of this video, Jose Mourinho is asked about what he thinks of Frank Lampard's Chelsea career, which, since he's going to be missing the Cardiff City match with an illness, many suspect might now be over.

The response?

His Chelsea career is... I think in -- not now because he's too young for that -- but I think maybe in a few years he will be with a statue where Peter Osgood is, on the side. He is one of the biggest players of this club.

I'm totally down with a Frank Lampard statue outside Stamford Bridge. As Mourinho says, he's one of the greatest players in club history and in my mind perhaps the key figure in Chelsea's most successful spell. The only question in my mind is when it goes up!

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