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Mourinho hit with fantastic fine

Jordan Mansfield

The home loss to Sunderland seems so long ago now, but I'm sure everyone remembers the venomous sarcasm Jose Mourinho directed towards both match referee Mike Dean and refere chief Mike Riley in the wake of the 2-1 defeat / grand festival of football. The FA certainly didn't, charging him with pretty much as much as they could throw at him.

Unsurprisingly not all of it stuck. Mourinho has been found not guilty of calling either Dean's or Riley's integrity into question, which probably saves him a touchline ban. He is, however, guilty of bringing the game into disrepute*, and he'll be fined £10,000 as punishment. That fee will be added to the £8,000 he owes (having just lost his appeal) for re-entering the field of play to argue during the loss at Villa Park.

*I would charge other parties with this as well but you know.

I'm sure these fines will act as a huge barrier towards the manager doing anything persnickety and mean in the future.

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