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Chelsea snap up Swiss youngster

Clive Rose

Do you know who Miro Muheim is? If so, that's kind of weird, because he's a Swiss under-16 who plays for FC Zurich. And will, according to the club, be transferring to Chelsea in the very near future. Here's good old Google Translate:

The FC Zurich corresponds to the desire of U16 players Miro Muheim, to accept the offer of Chelsea FC and move in the summer in the youth department of the London Premier League club. About the transfer fee was not disclosed.

Obviously I don't make a habit of watching FC Zurich's under-16s and neither does the rest of the internet, so I can tell you virtually nothing about Muheim apart from that he apparently plays in midfield and he just turned 16 in March. But if he's talented enough to warrant a transfer fee at his age, I imagine you'll be hearing his name pop up again in future -- I remember writing a 'I don't know who this is, but cool' piece on one Bertrand Traore a few years ago.

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