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Andre Schurrle wins German Football Ambassador award

Chris Brunskill

Andre Schurrle is cool, and deserves to win an award for something. Lo and behold, he has won something, although I'm not entirely sure what the German Football Ambassador award actually is*. According to the official site, it's 'recognition of the professional playing abroad who is transmitting the most positive image of Germany', and it comes down to a fan vote, which really doesn't make anything that much clearer, so I'm just going to imagine that Andre Schurrle has won the Andre Schurrle Is Great Award. It's understood that Cristiano Ronaldo is upset at being overlooked for this prize.

*A cursory search yielded nothing in English, so I assume Mesut Ozil won this in every previous year.

While I'm not sure what to make of the award, I'm very pleased with how Schurrle's bedded in. He's done very well considering it's his first season at the club, and he's been vital in some of our best results -- the 6-0 win against Arsenal and the 2-0 win against Paris Saint-Germain spring to mind, for instance. And although the award is, well, weird, part of the prize money goes to a public spirited project in England, and I don't think anyone could argue that that's not a good thing.

Congratulations on being great, Andre.

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