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Why Chelsea should be in the hunt for unsettled Bayern star

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Chelsea's need for a striker is so obvious and has been pointed out so many times that we're more or less numb to the whole discussion, but the squad has almost as much need of another elite central midfielder to regularly partner Nemanja Matic as they do of an elite centre forward.

Fortunately it sounds as if there might be some elite central midfielders moving around this summer:

BILD learned of a conversation with [Martinez's] agent Margarita Garay. He supposedly complained: "I did not imagine this so." Martinez is playing with the thoughts of leaving the club.

-Source: Bild via Bavarian Football Works.

So. Javi Martinez is perhaps the best pure defensive midfielder on the planet right now, and he formed half of the incredible Martinez-Schweinsteiger pivot which ruled football for a season before being inexplicably broken up by Pep Guardiola, who for some reason prefers to play the likes of Philipp Lahm and Toni Kroos out of position rather than just using Martinez in central midfield (yes, I know that he's been injured on and off for a lot of the campaign. But still).

If Martinez is indeed pushing for a move, Chelsea should get involved. Matic-Martinez might sound too defensive for some, but I'm thoroughly confident in their ability to move the ball forward and play passes while the other covers -- which is, after all, the whole point of playing a double pivot. And having such a solid defensive duo in the centre would allow the forwards to push up higher, giving, say, Eden Hazard and Willian more license to attack.

Martinez cost Bayern €40 million when they signed him from Athletic Bilbao two seasons ago, and if he's trying to push his way out of the club now he might go for closer to €30 million. He'd be a fit at Chelsea, and he'd also be a fit for any of our other rival clubs in England -- Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool are all in need of help in central midfield -- and that makes getting involved in any potential transfer even more pivotal.

Should he move to a rival without us being in the picture, I'm going to be cranky.

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