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Here's a smart plan to fix FFP that everyone should get behind

Harold Cunningham

Those of you into the statistical analysis movement in football will know of Ted Knutson and StatsBomb, but statistics isn't all they talk about there. Ted's come up with what I think is a really smart way of turning those inconsequential fines levied for teams violating Financial Fair Play into a serious punishment. And the idea is very simple: Give the money to their competitors.

This is hilariously elegant. I'm not entirely sure how I'd break down the fine, but if Manchester City are being fined, say, £50 million, and that money is spread across the rest of the Premier League's Champions League teams and the fifth-place one (hi Everton), that'd be an extra £12.5 million we get to spend, for every year they're non-compliant. Which doesn't sound like much until you remember that Diego Costa's FFP hit would be £16m -- essentially under Ted's scheme City would be subsidising most of a superstar addition.

And that's just for Chelsea. For Liverpool and Everton especially, £12.5 million would be enough for a huge investment, making City's domestic life far, far more difficult as they look to build themselves up as a European power. It is, in other words, an idea that every club playing fair should get behind -- and probably one UEFA will ignore because what is common sense?

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