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Marin drops vague hints about Chelsea return

Denis Doyle

One of the more enduring amusements of Chelsea in recent times has been the expectations surrounding former Werder Bremen man Marko Marin, who set 2012/13 preseason aflame before doing what most sane observers expected him to and reverting to a combination of mediocre and injured. But that preseason run gave supporters -- never the most rational creatures -- the impetus to believe in a magical, non-existent Marin who actually helps teams thrive.

The best part was that after Chelsea loaned him to Sevilla he basically did the same thing again. Anyway, for some reason the German is insinuating that the Blues might possibly want him back next season...

Nothing has been decided yet. We will sit down and discuss things at the end of the season. Sevilla would like to keep me here, but there are also signals from England that they (Chelsea) want me to return.

-Source: Sky Sports.

...and I can't think of a reason that might be true. Marin is unreliable, isn't elite even at his best, and if we can turn him into a little money by shipping him to Sevilla permanently, great. But what if he got fit for good?

So far I have never really had enough fitness. I have started to play more regularly in the last few weeks, but I still can't play three matches per week. I have been unable to feature regularly for my club and unable to put out my best performances in matches. I always knew that I wouldn't be able to take part in the 2014 World Cup, but my aim now is to regain full fitness.


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