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Stefan Ivanovic once again the goalscoring star of Stamford Bridge

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Almost exactly two years ago, a diminutive but most adorable striker made his Stamford Bridge debut just ahead of the Champions League final in Munich. Wearing number 2 just like his hero dad, he scored a goal and won the crowd. There were Torres jokes aplenty. His name is of course Stefan Ivanovic, and he was two years old.

WAGNH "understands" that since that day, Stefan has been working in secret with top fitness and coaching gurus across the world to improve his speed, his skills, and his mental attributes. After two years of hard work, he was ready to wow the Bridge once again.

Safe to say, he's got it all. He's quick, he's fast, and he's got pace. Pace and power. And pace. And when fellow number 2 "Luka" (Modrić, is that you?) dares to stand in his way of a second goal, he wastes no time in schooling the bigger boy and scoring a second. We sure could've used such clinical finishing during the 90 minutes that preceded this exhibition (not to mention the rest of the season)...