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Disappointed in the result; here's the post-match cuteness elixir to make it all better

Clive Rose


Sure, we all are.  Mostly in how the season's ended.

But this will make it all better:

It's David Luiz, mini David Luiz, and Mummy Luiz! She wins the custom shirt game, I think.

Yannis! Sign him up!

Here's the JT clan:

The Lampard brood:

The newest of the Chelsea family, BABY DAVE!

La familia Torres:

And a group shout with Cahill & Cahill Jr as well Hilário and his boys.

And, on a sidenote, here's one for the Old Guard:

Seen any more lovely shots from the post-match rounds of appreciations?  Where is my man Stefan Ivanovic?

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