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Highlights of Samuel Eto'o's brief, yet memorable Chelsea career

Belief goals. Sneaky goals. Skillful goals. Important goals. Hat trick goals. Memorable celebrations. Swagger, style, all-around weirdness. A sumptuous backheel flick. That about sums up Samuel Eto'o's nine months as a Chelsea player.

When all's said and done, Eto'o will not go down in history as the most astute Chelsea signing ever. He arrived basically on a free transfer, got paid healthy wages, and created a somewhat uncomfortable situation with Romelu Lukaku, the long-term implications of which are still shaking out. That being said, after getting back into non-Russian League shape and upto Premier League speed, Eto'o was often excellent. Starting with the 2-1 win against Liverpool at the Bridge, he scored eight times in twelve home matches, finishing the season as our second leading goalscorer with 12 goals (9 in the Premier League). All of his goals came at Stamford Bridge, which is fairly weird if you think about it.

This video comes to us courtesy of enterprising WAGNH user 'Nichoph' who's off to a good start with this brief but absorbing compilation video. Enjoy.

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