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Loanee duo bound for Championship playoffs

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Clive Rose

It's been a long and tough season in the Championship, but it's now over for all but two Chelsea loanees. While everyone else is going home, Josh McEachran and Patrick Bamford are both heading to the playoffs* with Wigan Athletic (5th) and Derby County (3rd) respectively.

*Incidentally, a playoff system for 4-7th in the Premier League for the final Champions League place would be amazing.

Filling out the playoff field and Queens Park Rangers and Brighton and Hove Albion, who secured sixth place with a very late goal against Nottingham Forest, knocking Reading out in the process. And so, for the Chelsea boys, the ultimate prize is obvious: Keep QPR from getting promoted. At any cost.

First up is McEachran with the Latics, if he fails it'll be down to Bamford (or Brighton, I guess) in the playoff final. May the football gods bless their righteous quest.