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Mourinho challenges the rest of the squad as well for next season

Mike Hewitt

I mean, Mourinho launches astonishing attack on the rest of the squad as well!  No life or limb spared!  Even prolific Stefan Ivanovic is made to run lines, in a weight-suit, with a parachute!

Unfortunately some of the following is from The Sun, so we once again have to rely on the (fortunately excellent) @CarloFan:

To say that Chelsea need to improve their finishing is about as obvious of an assessment as it gets, but that all-important yet somewhat elusive improvement needs to happen across the board, not just with the strikers or Eden Hazard or any one single individual.  Though if Hazard truly wants to be the best - as he's often talked about before - then he needs to continue the evolution he's set in motion this year.

"He's had a good season, and made an improvement. He was brought to a different level of performance and understanding of the game. Remember the performance at Manchester City, which was a very complete performance. So I have no problem with him. He's a young guy. His evolution was fine. Does he still make mistakes? Of course he still makes mistakes. But he understands. It was the first time in his life he'd played a Champions League semi-final. It's a career that's he's just started."

-source: Guardian

The Guardian also "understands" that Mourinho talked with Hazard before responding to the player's comments in the media today.  I think we can safely assume that whatever is happening behind the scenes, both manager and player will do what's best for Chelsea - which probably is to hug it out, clear things up (if anything needs to be cleared up), and, after the World Cup, move on to the next phase of killing football.

"We had lots of matches, and long periods this season, where we produced excellent football but we weren't the killer profile. We'd built certain bases which we need to recover next season, especially when we have this little, little transformation and improvement in our squad that we need. We need to go back to these bases that we worked and developed during most of the season. I adapted. The team became more strategical and less intuitive from a certain point of the season because we went for results. There are moments when you have to go in a strategical way if you want to compete for what we were competing for."

-source: Guardian

Onwards and upwards!

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