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Atletico Madrid aren't willing to let players leave at a discount

There is no fire. Sale! This isn't a fever!

Laurence Griffiths

Hello, and welcome to Defiant Chief Executive Day!  Joining us today are Juventus Director Beppe Marotta and Atlético Madrid CEO Gil Marín.  We've already heard from Beppe, so let's turn out attentions to Gil.  Take it away, Mr. "I mortgaged my house so that my club don't go bankrupt."

"Fortunately this club does not need to sell any of its players. Those who do not want to continue with us we can only go along with their release clause in their contracts."

"We are not going to negotiate with other clubs about the departure of players we want to stay in our team. We do not want, nor do we need, to sell any player. Whoever wants to leave Atletico must do so against the wishes of Atletico."

"We understand the interest of clubs in our players, after the great season we have had. We also understand that these players want to improve [their contracts], and we are prepared to improve those conditions, within our own possibilities."

-Miguel Ángel Gil Marín; source: ESPN

Big words from the big man with the big debts.  Or perhaps desperate words from the desperate man with the crushing debts.

Either way, it sounds like if we want Diego Costa or, heavens forbid, Filipe Luís, we (or anybody else for that matter) will have to pay the full asking price.  While that probably doesn't change our situation regarding Costa (£32m, says ESPN), hopefully it does dissuade Chelsea from going after a 29-year-old left back with a £19m release clause.

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