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Eden Hazard shows how to respond to transfer rumours

Michael Steele

Eden Hazard has an unfortunate reputation as a bit of a cad. It's not an undeserved one, of course -- he spent a decent chunk of 2012 flirting with every top side in Europe before finally signing with Chelsea -- but that reputation now precedes him, and it's a big part of why some supporters are in wailing and gnashing of teeth mode over Paris Saint-Germain's (very public) interest in the forward.

Hazard himself hasn't helped matters by appearing in a PSG shirt during a post-game interview and making comments about how his wife might possibly be interested in moving to Paris, but this time around, mercifully, he's replied to the speculation of a move with a completely by-the-book answer:

If you got to know me you'd know I'm not someone who is disturbed by [transfer rumours]. Every year they say I'm everywhere. It's part of the job. I focus on the World Cup, which is much more important than what is said in the papers.

Source: Sky Sports.

Perfect. The chances of anyone calming down after those quotes is basically nil, but at least no further fuel has been added to the fire. Personally, I wouldn't worry about Hazard going anywhere, especially after PSG just spent a ridiculous amount of cash on David Luiz.

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