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Some players are irreplaceable; David Luiz is one of those players

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Ten days ago, I wrote that no amount of logic, reason, or money could ever replace David Luiz. It was true then and, on a personal level, it is still true now.

David Luiz is unique.

He is more than the sum of his parts. He is more than just a glorious 40-yard pass, more than just an outrageous long shot or free kick. More than any boneheaded murderspasm and more than every great play. He is more than his hair, and he is more than his flair.

And he was ours.

The world class midfielder who, at this point, absolutely has to be in our near future will do a fine job on the pitch, I'm sure. Probably better than fine. Probably better than David Luiz ever did. And that will be amazing as we steamroll our way to the Premier League title.


Players come and players go. Some leave as legends, some leave with nary a rustle emotion. Some leave a gaping hole in our hearts.

And some leave a hole so big that we fear it may never fully heal.

Graham says that highlight videos are contrived in this moment, but he is wrong. There has never been a better time to watch David Luiz highlight videos. These memories will never be any fresher in our minds than they are right now.

Let's savor them. Celebrate. Enjoy the life.

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