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Has the David Luiz fee finally been confirmed?


If you believe Jason Burt, it has:

I love David Luiz as much as any Chelsea fan. I remember pining for him for months ahead of his January 2011 transfer, I remember watching his highs with glee and his lows with sorrow. He's almost certainly in my first-choice XI for next season (alongside Matic, since you were asking), and there's a case to be made that he's a better fit in defence than Gary Cahill. But £48 million? That's the sort of money that could completely change a summer.

If this goes though, here's what we know.

  1. Chelsea would be losing an absurdly likeable player.
  2. Chelsea would be getting worse, in both midfield and defence.
  3. Chelsea would be getting much, much richer.

That third point is why we won't be able to evaluate this move, if it indeed arrives, until the end of summer. Reinvesting that David Luiz money (and the Juan Mata money, for that matter) wisely will almost certainly lead to domestic glory, wasting it means we've pissed away two of our better players for no reason, no matter whether they fit into the system or not.

In the meantime, I'm going to sit over in a corner and be sad. No matter how much I understand the move, no matter how much it makes sense, David Luiz is one of my favourite footballers, and as a fan I don't want to see him go. If this happens, I hope it doesn't get dragged out. A long transfer saga would be close to unbearable.

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