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Andre Schurrle loves Mourinho's mindset, expects better results next season

The German forward isn't thrilled about coming up short on all fronts this season

Jamie McDonald

Now that the season is over, we'll likely begin to hear some reflecting on the campaign before the World Cup takes over the football world. The Star ran some quotes from forward Andre Schurrle today, who understands exactly how Chelsea managed to lose the Premier League title:

"We didn't play well against the teams lower in the table. That's where we lost it. We need to be ruthless in these matches, to be strong, and then they will have no chance. They will see when we come on the pitch that we have the will to win and they will see they don't have a chance against us. We need to leave no doubts."

"That is what we had in many matches last season. Even when we won it was not always clear. That's what we need to change next season."

That sounds an awful lot like Jose Mourinho, doesn't it? Speaking of the boss, what exactly does Schurrle think about playing for him?

"What I like the most about him is it's only about winning. He hates to finish second or even third like we did. Right now he hates it. He talks honestly to the players and I can imagine what he will be like next season. For sure he will not finish third again next time."

"He didn't want this. When he spoke to us in training, he was not happy. I'm sure he will be highly motivated to finish better."

"It will not be easy. You have many strong sides like Manchester City who have the money to build an even better team.  Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham. You have big teams. But we want to be the biggest and the best. We have to be better - and we will."

Forget for a moment the (hilarious) snubbing of Liverpool here, but it's nice to see that the German isn't satisfied with the season we had. While it was far better than last year, it could have been so much better with some wins over the smaller sides in the league.

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