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Eden Hazard is PSG's 'Plan A' this summer

Michael Steele

Surprise surprise, Laurent Blanc is interested in signing Eden Hazard. Perhaps not as interested as the French media are, but still pretty interested. Which he should be, because Hazard is one of the brighter young attacking players on the planet, and one of the few who could make Paris Saint-Germain even more dangerous going forward. Here's the Parisians' manager on the Belgian:

A player who an eliminate three, four players at any time a game is something else. We do not know what to expect with these players. They destabilise the opponent. Of course. There is also a Plan C. We will first focus on the areas of game where you want to recruit and propose three solutions. We know we want Plan A.

[But I] can love a player, knowing full well I cannot have him.

Source: Mail.

In other words, Blanc loves Hazard, wants him in this summer, and is dubious about being able to get him. Which is kind of how I feel about ... oh, I don't know, Paul Pogba. Or Lionel Messi. I can't remember the last time Chelsea let a first-choice player leave for money, and I'd be both flabbergasted and extremely angry if we do end up selling Hazard this summer (although I reserve the right to change my mind should PSG offer up a nine-figure sum).

Selling Juan Mata and to an extent David Luiz is understandable; selling Hazard would cripple us for years. If Chelsea are seriously considering it, they're mad. Fortunately, there's very little reason to believe that are.

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