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Chelsea striker chooses club over country this summer

The U21 star will be traveling with his club to Hong Kong instead of playing with his adopted country

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Islam Feruz was the youngest player to have ever suited up for Scotland's U21 side, having made his debut at the age of 16. This summer, however, he turned down the chance to play with the Scottish U21 setup in favor of more time with his club.

Personally, I'm more than fine with the decision of the player. Say what you will about international football at the senior level, but at the youth levels, national teams often feature inferior coaching and training methods to those found at top clubs. Staying with the Blues over the summer will probably do far more for his development than joining a Scotland team with little talent, especially given the daunting task of breaking into Chelsea's first team going forward.

Many fans in Scotland are probably really starting to dislike Feruz, who left Celtic to move to London and now prefers friendlies with the club to youth international football. I wish more young players would follow his lead.

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