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Could we see Bamford in the first team next year?

Michael Steele

News on a loaned out striker! That isn't Romelu Lukaku! Step forward Patrick Bamford:

Because I was doing well at Derby and I’d done well at Milton Keynes, [I went to Cobham for] a discussion about that and the planning for next year. They were hinting at a new contract but I don’t know yet what’s happening there...

From what they’ve said, ideally I’ll be third striker, but you never know really in football. Hopefully I get a good pre-season, especially with the World Cup, because a lot of the big players are going to be away, so it’s going to give some of us youngsters the chance to get some game time to try and show him what we can do.

Source: Guardian.

Which... well there's some interesting stuff in there. The first and most obvious is that Chelsea have apparently already started talking about bringing Bamford into the first team, a move that would, I suspect, make more or less everyone happy. And Bamford himself seems perfectly content to play as third choice, which I imagine I would be too if I was a 20-year-old Championship striker.

I'd suggest reading the whole interview -- Bamford's a fascinating young man, and it really shows (and he has some fun stories to tell as well). But the meat of the news is that if all goes well we could be seeing him fairly regularly with the senior setup next season. Exciting.

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