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Courtois: Cech and I in the same team 'not healthy'

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

With Atletico Madrid set to play the Champions League final this weekend, Thibaut Courtois' going to be in the news a fair bit. And that means he'll be talking about his Chelsea future. The goalkeeper still isn't sure what's happening (remember when this was supposed to be sewn up by March?), but knows what he definitely doesn't want to happen:

I have the biggest respect for Petr Cech. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world so I think putting him and me in the same team is not the healthiest thing in the world.

Source: BBC.

And he has a point. Although a Cech-Courtois combination (or the other way around, if Courtois is as good as he seems) means that Chelsea would have an absurdly strong goalkeeper/backup combination, the reason nobody else bar Real Madrid bothers to have two top-level keepers on staff at the same time is that it's a big waste of resources and goalkeepers good enough to start tend to want to play regularly. As Courtois points out elsewhere in the article, neither he nor Cech will be content to only play in minor competitions like the League Cup.

To me, this sounds like he wants to spend more time away from Chelsea. Selling Petr Cech is a plausible resolution to the issue but I don't think that will happen, and selling Courtois would be so obviously silly that I think we can dismiss the possibility unless the youngster's actively advocating for a move. So my guess as to how this this all turns out is that Courtois signs a new contract and then gets loaned out again.

He'd better not help knock us out of Europe again this time though. Oh, and speaking of:

Normally when you win a semi-final you celebrate really hard but I didn't do it because Chelsea bought me and gave me the opportunity to play for Atletico for three years. I think I showed respect to the Chelsea players and supporters and they to me. It was a nice feeling and hopefully I can give them those things back in the future.

We hope so too!

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