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Top prospect has 'absolutely no intentions' of quitting club

Paul Thomas

Andreas Christensen has seen himself catapulted into the spotlight as of late thanks to a strange Daily Mail piece on the Chelsea academy and the resultant fallout, but he's an interesting prospect in his own right and deserves some words, especially when he's talking about his Chelsea future. Although there had been rumblings that he would push for an exit should he not be able to get first team football, an interview with seems to have cleared everything up.

We Ain't Got No History reader Peter Lauritsen was kind enough to translate from Danish for us:

I asked Chelsea what plans they had for me, and they told me they have a couple of ideas. I haven't been told what they are, but I'll know during summer. The best thing would of course be to join the first team squad, but if they want me to go on loan I'll happily do it if that's what I need to do in order to reach the first team. But I'd rather stay in Chelsea and fight for a place.

Bold: So the situation is not as black and white as it was painted previously?

No, not at all. I think the media made more of it than it actually was. I haven't made any ultimatum (?) to the club. I have absolutely no intentions of leaving Chelsea. [If I go on loan] I'd like to stay in England to maintain the mentality. That'd be the optimal thing to do, but I haven't had many thoughts about it.

I don't think Christensen's ready for a Premier League loan (but if Chelsea do, their opinion on academy players is a lots more informed than mine), but I'd expect him to get some serious playing time in the Championship if he does go out on loan. Keeping him in England has the additional benefit of ensuring that he'd be association trained for Champions League football if he does make the jump -- so if I had to guess we'll see a loan to the second tier.

But, much like Christensen himself, we won't find out what's actually happening until later in the summer. In the meantime, know that one of our top prospects remains thoroughly committed to the cause.

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