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Lampard close to contract extension -- report

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Michael Regan

Matt Lewis of Get West London is reporting that veteran Chelsea midfielder and England vice-captain Frank Lampard is close to signing a new deal to keep him at Stamford Bridge through the upcoming season. Lampard, 36, is out of contract at the end of June and is set to leave as a free agent should he not sign an extension, but Lewis reports that negotiations are in their 'final stages' and that we should expect a deal before the midfielder ships out to Brazil.

Should Lampard take a pay cut, as the report states, I don't really have a problem with this deal. He's obviously not a first-choice player anymore, but he's well respected in the dressing room and has been with the Blues for long enough and achieved enough that I'm happy for him to be around as long as he wants to be. It's difficult to envision him playing a major role for us next year, but as a guy who can start every few games and come off the bench to provide some attacking impetus ... sure, why not?