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The Daily Hilario: Mud, blood, sweat, beers

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Solanke and Izzy Brown go for the U17 Euro crown.

Mario Tama

The first link and SB Nation's latest longform is on Amelia Boone, the first real star of the obstacle racing phenomenon (fad?) that has really taken off over the last few years.  She's a "Spartan World Champion," Spartan being one of the race organizers who have really understood how to go about marketing this ultimately weird sport.

Which seems like an opportune time to brag that I ran the Sacramento Spartan BEAST last fall, finished without dying or being at the very end of the pack.  I was solidly midtable, if I remember correctly, and perhaps even slightly above.  Over thirteen miles of dusty, rugged terrain, obstacles, mud pits, balance & strength challenges, and a swim in ice cold water as well (just about the worst thing for your already cramping calves, let me tell ya).  Here I am just before the finish line after getting past the American Gladiators style pummeling.  It's just about the most badass picture ever taken of me.

Please, please no fan mail.

In other news...

Claudio Ranieri: always the bridesmaid, never the bride | SB Nation
Chelsea, Juve, now Monaco - once again fired just before the going gets really good.

In contrast, Big Sam gets to stay at West Ham | SB Nation
19th Century football gets results.

The goal of the day comes from the German third division | SB Nation
Not bad, not bad at all.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
16.15:  Toulon Tournament, Group A:  Mexico U20 vs. Portugal U20
17.00:  International Friendly: Finland vs. Czech Republic
18.00:  Euro U17 Championship, final:  England U17 vs. Netherlands U17
18.30:  Toulon Tournament, Group A:  France U20 vs. Chile U20

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