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Alleged abuse of disabled Chelsea fans might lead to disciplinary action for PSG

Shaun Botterill

One of the less-reported stories from the Chelsea-Paris Saint Germain Champions League quarterfinal is the abuse disabled Chelsea fans allegedly received from the PSG crowd during the 3-1 loss at the Parc des Princes. I'm not entirely sure why this wasn't brought up more (maybe the fan violence in the streets is a sexier story?), but at least UEFA hasn't forgotten about it -- they've now opened disciplinary proceedings against the Parisians.

Despite the Mail's sensationalist headline, we don't actually know what sort of action might be taken against the Ligue 1 club, but considering that they have a responsibility to protect guests in their stadium and that vulnerable people in wheelchairs were allegedly hit with bottles(!) thrown by the crowd, I'd imagine that there's a fair chance that something fairly significant will happen to them as a result.

Remember, this isn't about fans being horrible -- every team has horrible fans, including us -- it's about the duty of stewards to stop this happening inside a stadium, which ought to be a safe place. If it's not, your club will and should get in trouble for it. We'll find out what happens in mid-July.

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