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On Eden Hazard and Jose Mourinho's 'astonishing attack'

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

"Jose Mourinho launched an astonishing attack on Eden Hazard," bleated the Daily Mail, after a fairly serene press conference at Stamford Bridge earlier on Friday. Here's a four-minute video of Mourinho responding to the Hazard question, which seems fairly relaxed (albeit fairly critical) to me:

But knowing that the Mail are absolutely 100 percent trustworthy and would never think of sensationalising anything in the hopes of making a story bigger, I was unsatisfied. If there was no 'astonishing attack' in that footage, then it obviously had to be elsewhere. So, I did some digging. It's taken me all day, but finally... success.

I can't believe Jose Mourinho cut off Hazard's hand with a lightsaber. It was completely uncalled for.

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