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Chelsea WILL make 'criticial' moves in the summer window

Bryn Lennon

By now any idiot could tell you the biggest flaw in this Chelsea squad is that it has no reliable centre forward. That's the difference between this team and the other two teams in the title race, who can trust their ace strikers to rack up goals against the minnows, even if they struggle to beat the top sides. Even a flat-track bully would have been enough to win Chelsea a title this season.

And so unsurprisingly Jose Mourinho has confirmed that a striker will be coming in:

What's the other 'critical' signing? I'd guess it'd be central midfield. Nemanja Matic has obviously been an incredible purchase, but considering his most reliable partner has been David Luiz, that's a position we should be looking for help at. The Champions League run pretty well simulated what would happen to the Blues should Matic go down injured for any length of time -- they'd be leaning on a slightly insane centre half playing out of position to glue the team together -- and one can only assume that sends warning bells ringing at Stamford Bridge.

As for the quiet and calm bit, that's great. When you make rash decisions, when you panic, you start going after shiny toys and big names rather than the players who'll help your squad. Chelsea have a lot of money to spend this summer, and we should spend it with a level head.

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