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Mourinho: A good season, but not over yet

Clive Rose

Chelsea's 2013/14 campaign is drawing to a close, and it looks probable that the Blues will fail to lift any silverware this year. Having been eliminated from the Champions League by a very tidy Atletico Madrid side, all that's left is hope that one of our two title rivals will slip up. But as Jose Mourinho says, there's still hope, and that means we have to do our part:

[Are we going to win the title?] I don't think so but only thing we can do is win these two matches. Imagine we don't win the title because we don't win these two matches.

-Source: Miguel Delaney.

Remember, we need both Liverpool and Manchester City to drop three points each and then us to win out o claim top spot. That's unlikely, but not as unlikely as it seems -- we've overcome far greater odds in the past, if not at quite such a glacial pace. As Mourinho says, imagine thinking it's over and not claiming all six points only to see the other contenders drop points right at the end! We have to play this out like it matters, because it does matter.

Even if we come up short in the end, winning our next two matches means that we finish the season with 84 points and at most two points behind the Premier League champions.Last year we were 14 points back. The year before? 25. And before that? Nine. Being within two games, having our fate up in the air until the final weekend -- that's something we can take pride in.

I don't think it's a bad season. I think it's a transitional season. And, for a transitional season, it's very good. Normally, what you do is to compare to the season before... when Chelsea lost the title in November. And, in Champions League, Chelsea was first team in history to be knocking out in group stage as champions. So, a good step.

He's not wrong. Expectations, however, are going to be much higher in round two.

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