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Another day, another David Luiz transfer rumour

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Clive Rose

Apparently everyone is trying David Luiz swap deals. This time it's Barcelona's turn! (As an aside, for those of you who don't think the Brazilian defender is much good, why is it that two of the better teams in world football seem to want to buy him so badly?) A few days after the rumour that Bayern had offered a mound of cash plus Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic to Chelsea for David Luiz, the Telegraph are reporting that the Catalans have dangled Alex Song as a possible option to exchange.

Unlike the Mandzukic rumour, which would see Chelsea use one of their top assets to reinforce in a position of need, this Song talk makes next to no sense -- the former Arsenal man can play both centre back and midfield, but he's worse at both than David Luiz, and markedly so at the former. It's difficult to see why on earth the Blues would want him at all, and so I assume that they don't. The prospect of Alexis Sanchez, mentioned briefly in the article, is far more palatable, but although Sanchez is certainly Chelsea quality he'd be playing in our strongest position.

Swap deals are rare enough that we shouldn't put much faith even in the ones that make sense, and if you're skeptical of David Luiz's supposed Bayern move, which you should be, double that here. If he goes to Barcelona, a straight cash move makes the most sense. Not that I particularly like that idea either.

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