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Eto'o brands Mourinho a 'fool', pokes fun at other strikers

Jamie McDonald

Although it looked like Samuel Eto'o had laughed off Jose Mourinho questioning his age in Istanbul, age-gate is now back with a vengeance. At least, as much of a vengeance as possible for a 33-year-old striker who's out of contract at Chelsea and almost certainly not returning to the club.

Thanks for informing me that it will be my last World Cup. Today, I am 33 years old. And it is not because a fool called me an old man that you must believe it. And you may have noticed that the old man was better than the youngsters. Some believe I am going to retire in the United States or in the Middle East, but I have regained the joy of the Champions League and I am going to carry on playing in the Champions League. Where? I am not going to tell you.

-Samuel Eto'o. Source: Guardian.

Calling Jose Mourinho a fool is something that I might imagine was said in jest, especially after the striker's amusing old-man celebration against Tottenham Hotspur and considering their strong relationship, but taking it as a mark of real anger is entirely possible as well, so do that if you want, I guess. Also amusing is the swipe at the other strikers -- the old man was indeed better than the youngsters, even if he wasn't particularly great.

At any rate, it's difficult to see Eto'o returning to Stamford Bridge, so I'm not too concerned with it either way. Thanks for the hattrick against Manchester United!

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