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Kenneth Omeruo shoots down transfer rumours

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past week or so there have been some interesting quotes purporting to come from Kenneth Omeruo's agent which claim that the young defender is currently engaged in a contract dispute with Chelsea FC. And that means transfer rumours. I say purportedly because the quotes were originally posted on a website with a dubious track record when it comes to inventing direct quotes, so I've been fairly skeptical this whole time... and now Omeruo has assured Chelsea fans that he's going nowhere.

Writing on Instagram, the Nigeria international said:

This season has been my Season as a player. And I thank my parent club Chelsea for sending me to middlesbrough... It was a great experience and one I will always cherish.. And thank you Boro for the love u showed to us during our Loan... And for my Fans out there, am not going no where... Fully staying at the Bridge.. Have a nice Day God Bless.

So I guess you can stop worrying about the rumours that most of us never really worried about. Hurray!