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David Luiz flirts with PSG -- could the defender be moving on?

Michael Regan

The transfer rumours are-a swirling, and David Luiz is the latest target. And that's mostly his own fault. Long-linked to Barcelona, the Brazil defender appears to be fishing for a Paris Saint-Germain move.

I love [Paris]. It's a super city. When I have some spare time, I jump on a train and I go there. I love it. We'll see. You never know. PSG are a big club now, a great name. They're working flat out to win the Champions League, they're certainly going to win the French title for many seasons to come, so they're a big club.

It's cool to play with him. I love playing with him, it doesn't matter where. If it were in the street, like when we were kids, that would suit me fine too.

Source: F1 via ESPN.

So that's annoying (although I also love Paris). The French media has been fishing around Chelsea's players all season -- see Eden Hazard and Oscar, but it's hard to explain these quotes as anything but outright flirting. And with Mourinho supposedly unconvinced by David Luiz -- he's certainly no longer the necessity in defence that he used to be --  it's no longer difficult to see an exit sanctioned this summer. It might be time to move on.

That said, the defender is also somehow part of our most effective midfield partnership, and I would be rather deeply unhappy if that was broken without some serious reinforcements coming in this summer. Unless we know how the rest of the squad will look, there's no way we can figure out whether or not it's worth parting (in football terms, anyway), with the curly-haired one.

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