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Cardiff City 1 - 2 Chelsea: Initial Reaction & Community Player Ratings


Michael Steele

Much like the first half, Chelsea started the second half brightly.

Much like the first half, Chelsea failed to make their chances count.

Here are our shot stats from the last two games:  51 shots, 11 on target, 2 goals.

It was all going pear-shaped, the masses getting antsy, and then we scored.  A suitably weird, crazy, goal.  The most Chelsea goal ever, really, with the amount of luck, misfortune, and skill involved.  It was Oscar's cross from deep left that found Azpilicueta making a perfect towards the center of goal.  Dave's header was good enough, but Marshall made a miracle save.  The rebound fell back to Dave, whose shot found only the crossbar.  That rebound fell to Schürrle, who slightly scuffed his shot into the ground...from where it looped over the keeper on the bounce and into the back of the net.

And then Torres scored a few minutes after to settle the game.  Cardiff were well out of it much earlier than that; it was just a matter of seeing if Chelsea could ever score a goal or if they'd continue shooting poorly.

  • The lack of any celebration from Fernando Torres may be something you'll be hearing of in the future.  Signs?  Maybe.  It was yet another truly Torresian performance from Chelsea's #9.
  • Schürrle, as usual, made a positive, direct impact on the game.  Salah was derpy in the first half, but much much better in the second in a slightly deeper role on the left and center (instead of the right as an inside, inverted forward).
  • Aké makes his first appearance of the season, his first since the final game of last season.
  • SWIFTY!  Young John Swift makes his Chelsea debut.  How exciting!
  • Chelsea's record goal haul of 103 is safe!  Barely, but safe.
  • Congratulations to Manchester City.  We're coming for you next season!

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