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Blues linked to Porto winger

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Claudio Villa

If you've been watching Serie A at all this year (perhaps keeping up on the progress of an old interim manager of ours?), one of the players you'll probably have noticed is 20-year-old Hellas Verona winger Juan Iturbe, who's actually on loan in Italy from Porto.

Iturbe's had a phenomenal season with Hellas, and according to the Daily Mail there are a number of English clubs keeping a close eye on him, with Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea all involved. And there's an interesting tidbit in their report too -- the Serie A side are apparently willing to activate Iturbe's purchase clause at the end of the season and sell him on for a profit. Not being an expert on their finances, I have no clue whether or not they'd do this (surely two great  seasons in Serie A would make him more valuable than one?), but that's one possible way we might avoid having to deal with actually negotiating with Porto for him.

As to whether or not he's a fit, I'm pretty sure that Chelsea don't care who looks like they fit into the team. Stockpiling talent is Michael Emenalo's way, and Iturbe certainly qualifies as a talent. He's not what we need to improve the first team, but that's never stopped us before.

I only hope that if we sign him and loan him out he doesn't end up playing against us in a Champions League semifinal.