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Courtois could play against Chelsea...for a price

You asked, so here's an answer

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Chelsea and Atletico Madrid are both through to the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League. Naturally, the first question on everyone's mind is whether or not on-loan goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois will be able to play. Here's your answer:

While Atletico without Courtois were probably the easiest possible opponent, Atletico with Courtois look like they'll be the most beneficial from an FFP perspective. While it's impossible to say at this point how large a fee we'd be getting, one would have to think it's at least large enough to make it worth inserting.

At this point in the competition, there's just no way that Atletico would choose to go without Courtois unless he's injured between now and a potential fixture. We still need to draw them though, so cross your fingers...

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