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Has the 2014/15 third kit been leaked?

We've seen the new Chelsea home kits, but the aways and thirds have yet to make an appearance. There's a strong rumour that the away will end up yellow, which will be fun, but the thirds? Nothing. But now, apparently, there's a leak. I'm not going to post the image here since it's not mine, but thanks to the power of the internet we're able to link other places, so go here and take a look.

And then, perhaps, take a longer look, staring in horror as we go back to the old days of Tron kits. This one looks more like a Windows Media Player visualisation than the windows logo that accompanied our 2011/12 season, but it's still pretty computer-graphicy, and I can't say I'm a fan at all.

That said, it's just a leak, and there's still a decent chance that some clown is playing a practical joke on us, but until then... bleh.

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